By combining optical, mechanical andIT technologies, EVOSENS offers to its customers the best performances for their system. Accuracy, reliability, speed, miniaturization (thus weight gains and energy savings), absence of risk of contamination, etc. are all assets for our know-how in many activities.

Industrial process

Control of the processes is the main challenge of the « factory of the future » : energy savings, process optimization, proactiveness are the main parameters to control.

For example: on-line manufacturing control, assembly bench, tests systems, optical sorting, robots.

food industry

Ecological transition challenges are nowadays well known. However many tools are still missing to answer the needs. Optoelectronics technology can be very innovative in that area.

For example: pollution detection, remote control of pollutants, diagnostic systems, spectral analysis.


Life science

Future health management will require precise and early detection systems. Side beds diagnostics system are emerging on the markets. Optronics systems capabilities such as precision, non invasive, small size represent key advantages for health management systems and overall performances.

For example : medical imaging, micro-organism detection, in vitro diagnostic, microscopy, spectroscopy, adaptative optics.



Night Hobbies deployment, securing movements are nowadays the minimum demand from any consumer.

For example : light signaling, mobile lighting for professional or hobby, adjustable signaling…


Defense, security

Being able to detect threats in early stage using precise defense systems into a risky environment becomes a large trend.

For example : glare systems, gas detection, range finder systems, laser pointing.


Space exploration is more and more under technological and budgetary constrains. Photonics systems, thanks to precision and miniaturization, can address those challenges : they can help to mimic complex systems by reproducing real situations.

For example : Stars simulation, LEDs testing set up.


– Cosmetics : photoactivation systems based on LEDs
– Industry : UV reticulation
– Numerical technologies : optical components developments
– …